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Pictures at last...

Here is the team behind the Biodiversity Museum I blogged about yesterday...and some more info.

THE LONG AWAITED.....Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum....IS ABOUT TO OPEN!

香港生物多樣性博物館 Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum see their facebook page for more details.

From their site: Many people have asked about our opening details since the establishment of this page. Today, we are happy to announce that our museum will be open starting from May 22 (Sat)! With over 10,000 specimens, the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM) represents one of the largest biological specimen collections within Hong Kong. You can have a look at creatures from polar to tropical regions, from deserts to oceans, with both common to some of the rarest species. Explore the local and global biodiversity and come learn about their biology by visiting the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum!

Opening details: Days: Wednesdays & Saturdays only, starting from May 22 Time: 10:30am - 5:00pm Quota: 8 people maximum per 45-min session (during COVID-19 period) Location: 2/F, South Wing of the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building, Main Campus of the University of Hong Kong (near Exit A1 of HKU MTR station)

Remarks: Free admission, but reservations through our booking system at least 1 day in advance is required. All visitors should wear masks, measure body temperatures and use hand sanitizer before entering the museum. Visitors are requested to adopt proper behaviours within the HKBM and within the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building at all times, to minimize the disturbance of researchers, students and staff. Visits in May have been available for booking, with quotas. Book your visit now: #travelfrommuseum #opening #biodiversity #manymanymanyinsects #amphibians #arthropods #birds #cnidarians #crustaceans #echinoderms #fish #mammals #molluscs #reptiles #HKBM ======== Follow other social media pages of us: Instagram: Twitter:


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