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Here he is mid education talk with a ratsnake on one of his tours:

Wildcreatures Note: William is a first rate educator and communicator and his tours are brilliant; expect excited squeals, laughter and delight, and I keep telling him to put his prices up.

You can read about my tour with William - Click here PS: Watch this space for Wildcreatures teaming up with Snakes Safari for photo days!

Company name: Hong Kong Snakes Safari

Speciality:   Unique wildlife night tours

Website and/or Facebook address: Hong Kong Snakes

What is your key focus

Nature: ****. Wildlife *****. Walking/Hiking: ** Adventure:***

Do you cater for families/children ? Children above 8

Is this English or Chinese language or both? (both)

Describe/promote your organisation:

Hong Kong's only snake focused wildlife hiking tours. Often overlooked, Hong Kong has an amazing diversity of wildlife, including over 40 different species of snakes. We host small groups for night safaris into country parks to search out snakes in their natural habitat – a fun, safe and totally unique wildlife experience. Set up by William Sargent, a long-term Hong Kong resident with over 30 years of snake handling experience in Hong Kong, wildlife enthusiast and snake catcher for the for the Hong Kong Police. Suitable for anyone interested local wildlife and can comfortably slow hike 2-3km at night. Group size is limited to under 10.

Best dates of the year and times of the day - May to September

Typical and example pricing - 380per adult/200 per child 

Are you Eco-Friendly? - We aim to educate folks and dispel many of the negative myths surrounding these fascinating creatures.

Make sure you get your copy of the FREE guide with many other great Hong Kong nature tours and guides. Simply preview or download the PDF here:


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