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One more week to apply for the Hong Kong Young Geographer of the Year competition

I am very pleased that I am again a judge for this year's competition......please do encourage Young people to get involved..... Dear Members and friends,

There is just one more week to apply for the Hong Kong Young Geographer of the Year competition – also known as YGOTY ( would like to encourage our Members and their family members, relatives and friends to participate in the competition. If you know any likely applicants, please encourage them to submit entries digitally via this form. The link can also be found on ygoty.hkLast year we had 750 submissions from more than 550 students (6 to 23 years old) representing 43 local and international schools. Our judges, as you know by now: are an international panel; include renowned architects and esteemed photographers; are recognised by awards and publications; and feature stellar pedigrees. During the prize giving ceremony last month, the students (and their parents) shared with us how excited they were to have won their awards, and to impress these experts. All the winning entries are viewable on the website (2022 and 2021 as well)This year, the competition’s format remains the same: a visual (photograph, map, sketch or infographic, collage) accompanied by a brief written explanation that demonstrates knowledge and application of geographical concepts that connect to the competition’s themes. Each student can enter one submission for each of the following themes:

  • Nature: the uniqueness of the natural environment and species of Hong Kong

  • People & Culture: the character of Hong Kong people & their ideas, customs or behaviour

  • Urbanscape: the signatures of Hong Kong's built environment

  • Critical Eye: the social, socio-economic or environmental issues that matter in Hong Kong (NB: this theme is only open to secondary and tertiary categories)

The winning entries are going to be displayed in a Hong Kong Young Geographer of the Year exhibition and there is going be a prize giving ceremony for the winners open to Members, with the awards comprising financial prizes and RGS-HK student benefits.

If you have any enquiries, please send an email to for more information. 

Best regards,Rupert McCowan  Director



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