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One more thing about The Green cascade frog

One more thing about The Green cascade frog......Remember how i am always banging on about sexual dimorphism - remember??

oh, keep up....Sexual dimorphism is the condition where the two sexes of the same species exhibit different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs. This is normally size (like the Golden Orb Weaver spider, where the female is 10X or more larger) or colouration, (like the Scarlet Minivet birds, where the male is scarlet but the female is yellow). And my point was that the colour always seemed to apply to the male....well, here is the exception that proves the rule.

...this is the big, marvellous and green GREEN CASCADE FROG. Rana Livida.

Very common in Hong Kong.

BUT...hold, on what is that small brown frog on its back? Oh, that is the not so green after all. Hah!

Also known as the Malodorous Frog as it can exude a milky secretion when threatened, and this has a very pungent smell, like crushed garlic, (i'm sure the French are licking their lips), but this is actually toxic and caustic. Oh, and by the way, the opposite of dimorphism is monomorphism. Obvious when you know, eh?


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