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Interesting with snakes is that the same species can have quite different colours, and we call that a morph. here a typical Checkered keelback, and all the following pictures are of the same species.

What is a snake morph? To have a snake that has morphed means that some sort of genetic mutation has occurred that makes a snake look different than what is commonly expected. A morph is different than a Genetic Defect where it generally affects colour rather than physical make-up (ex. two heads).

Here another typical Checkered Keelback

And of course for all info and some more great pics do see our sister website and anAN .


Generally tan to olive green with black checkering running the length of the body, lateral strips running back from the eyes with a 'V' shaped black line behind the head around the neck. Both juvenile and mature specimens exhibit the same colors and patterning with juveniles showing brighter more defined colors. Color morphs possible including colored markings on the sides.

But, now look at this (unfortunately dead) specimen that I found at Kadoorie Farm.

It is much darker and has much more red than normal.

and here another, found in the pond at Lions Education Centre in sAi Kung

Lastly, this great shot of the same snake by my son jack. It is having a "yawn" straightening out its jaw, not trying to bite us, as this was about 15meters away and shot with an 800mm lens.


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