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More vipers! this time it is the MOCK VIPER - Psammodynastes pulverulentus

More vipers! this time it is the MOCK VIPER - Psammodynastes pulverulentus. This harmless little snake does his best to look aggressive, but it is all pose, as their venom is harmless to humans. A couple of my friends have reported a "slight tingling" after bites.

It is also interesting with its wide range of coloration including tan body with grayish brown patterns and coloration, sometimes light tan in colour but can also be rusty red or almost entirely black. Head usually displays a V pattern. Large eyes with roundish oblong pupils.

Mock Vipers are largely terrestrial and have thin necks relative to their head, which is somewhat V shaped.


The Mock Viper is a daytime active, largely terrestrial snake and as such can often be found in leaf litter, though they are known to also climb small bushes and vegetation especially over watered areas where they have been observed to eat small frogs. They also commonly display initial aggressive behaviour by positioning their front half into a defensive 'S' position. They will strike mostly with false bites and occasionally real hits, but their diminutive size renders any genuine bite relatively harmless. (Click the link if video block does not play:

Here a juvenile with an acorn cup for size reference.

Thank you to our sister site for this information: . for all your hk snakey needs.


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