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Mark your calendar for the Biodiversity Collage (7 May):

Ill be going to my partner's event, the Biodiversity Collage (7 May): and I hope to see you there....

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Tuesday, May 7 · 7:30 - 10pm HKT Location. The Hive Wan Chai

21 Floor The Phoenix, 23 Luard Rd Wan Chai, HKI Hong Kong

Biodiversity Collage is a fun, visual, and collaborative workshop that aims to educate participants about the systemic aspects of biodiversity, as well as the challenges and pressures associated with it, drawing from the IPBES report. Through this workshop, You will gain an understanding of what biodiversity is, its significance, and the factors that contribute to its degradation. You will also develop an action plan aimed at curbing biodiversity loss.

Workshop run down:

About the Organizers:

Encompass HK is a leading social enterprise dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in organizations through comprehensive training and consultancy services. Our mission is to empower organisations to embrace global standards, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

Humans Matter supports public and private organisations in their transformation, leveraging applied research on cognitive sciences. We believe that the Human Factor is pivotal in the success of a transformation, from strategy to execution. We innovate by designing solutions that care for individual and collective Ability to Act in three key domains:(1) At work: supporting organizations in the (re)design of their transformation strategy and the acquisition of 21st century skills;



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