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As mentioned yesterday, this week is all about the emerging and lovely LOOPER MOTH 

(Milionia basalis

These moths and their caterpillars have a habit of emerging all at once. I have seen this a few years ago, as one morning I counted about five caterpillars and around 50 moths at the entrance to Sai Kung Country Park.

Now, the 24th-28th May I find the little caterpillars in their dozens outside my hotel on the bushes in urban Shatin.

And their synchronised emergence can also be witnessed right now under conifers at the entrance of Sai Kung Country Park, or at Lions Nature Education Centre under the pines where hundreds of caterpillars hang from the sky, or crawl on the trees. More pics to follow, but I like these, as many of them get their threads twisted and then crawl on each other....(yes, i turned the photo sideways for a better view of the hanging cats).

REmember this is what they look like...when adult


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