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If you go down to the .... Aviary today

Written in the time of Covid, so do check if it is open.....but this place is a GREAT place to take the kids to see some stunning birds actually flying around....all these shots were taken in 2 hours in late December 2020.

It is a great place for some stunning photos of some lovely birds. The reflected light is wonderful on a sunny day.

lots of interesting birds, many quite close.

Some are feeding on the fruits provided.

The Edward Youde Aviary is a 3,000-square-metre aviary built over a natural valley at the southern corner of Hong Kong Park which is located in Central at the bottom of the north eastern slope of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong...and its free to enter.

You are on a walk way, inbetween the canopy and the floor, so there are all types of birds to see, on the ground or perched above.

its a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, photographically speaking. (and no, i have not actually tried to shoot fish in a barrel, you understand, it is an expression, but i have to explain this as some readers are oooooohhhh soooooo sensitive about these things).


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