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help to herp. Pre-orders Announcement!

Well, just in time for the snakey season in Hong Kong, what better than a brand new, super dupah, brand new guide to 43 of our long slender friends? ‘A FIELD GUIDE TO THE SNAKES OF HONG KONG’

Caveat: Oh, did I mention that I am co-producer? so, if I tell you how wonderful it is, then, well, just believe me, as this is one very cool book. Probably the best field guide (in black) in the world. And the good news is that you as a wildcreatures reader get a 10% pre-order discount. just use the code WILDCREATURES on check out, see details below.

It is full of pages....and lots of pictures. 196 pages, and soooo many, many great pics.

Life size images is a real first for any snake guide, and a whole page of species pictures, as well as a mistaken ID guide. For every snake!

Ok, here is the serious bumf:

I am pleased to announce that the new book ‘A Field Guide to the Snakes of Hong Kong’ is now open for pre-orders. Books are expected to ship before the end of March 2021 and since limited quantities will be available be sure to reserve yours today directly from:

Hong Kong is home to more than 40 species of snake. This printed field guide, authored by Adam Francis and co-produced with Robert Ferguson, provides an easy system for quick identification to help hikers, rural residents and snake enthusiasts alike, identify and learn more about these wonderful animals.

Included in this nearly 200 page book you will find:

  • An easy system for visually identifying snakes

  • Organized categories to help quickly confirm if a snake is venomous or not

  • ‘Quick Facts’ for a fast summary of important behavior and identification details

  • Scientific taxonomy

  • Detailed written summaries of each species

  • Information on venom composition and effects for all venomous species

  • Mistaken ID with visuals for each species

  • Photo galleries for each snake

  • Actual size reference photos for each snake

  • Habitat, general natural history and conservation information

  • Snake Bite Safety information

  • Snake ID checklist organized from easiest to most difficult to find species and more…

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: L19 x W11.5 x H1cm

  • Cover: Black PVC

  • Pages: 196

PRICE: HK$228 plus postage and packing.

Any questions, bulk orders, sponsorships, or any other questions you may have, shoot me a line to

Its even got its own checklist at the what are you waiting for? Find them all.


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