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Have you got your booklet yet?

I got this in my mail yesterday.....

"Morning! Just wanted to share this with you. Took my daughter out with your book during the weekend and she adores going through it and looking for insects with her magnifying glass. Really is good for young and old".  (picture and quote from Blake)

So this has prompted me to see if you would like to get your own copy, or one for your kids, or friends, or school class? WILDCREATURES IN HONG KONG BOOKLET: OUT NOW.

A fun, 30page photo guide to many of the common wild creatures in Hong Kong. With over 100+ species identified, fun facts and observations, a great companion for your hikes and walks. Sections on birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects and arthropods that we can see all around us.

Pick one up at Kidnapped in SaiKung (HK$68.00) One copy, posted locally: HK$75.00 (postage, envelopes, and paypal's 8%)

Multiples of above, until

Ten copies, posted locally: HK$650.00

Friend of Wildcreatures: HK$5,000 for 300 copies.

For orders above this amount, please contact me directly, and sponsorships are available, with additional pages and separate print runs. For this, and any other queries or questions please contact me, Robert Ferguson, at

To order and pay:

1. For pick up, please bring cash, or pay in advance, and bring receipt.

2. For payment and postal orders go to Select number of copies, and make payment via PayPal. Send a copy of payment along with address to

3. For EPS and other options, please contact me.


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