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Just look at this headline...GOVT STALLS ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONS....

full report please follow the link

er, what?

So many questions and worries:

So how does this balance with the all important "drive to carbon neutral"?

EPD says nothing to do with, really?

The last public consultation on the Loop development was in 2012.

At the time, Lok Ma Chau village representative Cheung Pui Chuen said the increased risk of flooding caused by building on the Shenzhen River floodplain would “totally put life and property at the south of the Lok Ma Chau Loop at risk.”

And the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society (HJBWS) then said the development was “unacceptable in planning and environmental aspects” and that the plans “violated Hong Kong Planning Standards”.

But hey, why do we need environmental laws?

Er, is that not how we got into this pandemic mess in the first place?

This is the saddest news I have had all week...and there have been some dingers, not least with an emergency alert (sic) going off in my pocket on a zebra crossing.


whilst the government says it has “nothing to say” on the project from any environmental perspective, clearly we can confirm that they care nothing for people or the environment. Only development.

thank you martin for alerting me to this... comments welcome...


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