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get out....

The best thing to do is to go out and explore nature....with the kids, or as a group, or even on your own (normal caveats of being safe apply etc).

I am working on an updated version of my previous guide to help you choose the best people/guides/organisations in Hong Kong.......but meanwhile....

....I see that the iconic William (snake man to the stars, as featured in CNN, SCMP etc etc etc), is already taking bookings for his amaaaazing snake safaris; and many are full already! So what are you waiting for?

more info and booking link below...

Hong Kong Snake Safaris were set up in 2017 by long term resident, nature enthusiast and snake catcher for the Hong Kong Police,  William Sargent.

What do we do? 

We take small groups on night safari hikes in country parks to search out and observe wildlife in their natural habitat. A fun, educational and totally unique wildlife experience. Often overlooked, Hong Kong is home to an amazing diversity of wildlife, including 45 species of snakes and 24 species of amphibians.  

Who should join?

Anyone with a sense of adventure and an interest in local wildlife (many of our participants come to overcome their fears). Participants must be able to hike (slowly) 4-5km on country park trails (including steep inclines) with optional stream trekking sections. Minimum age 8.


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