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Flying Kites

Yay, another guest post...and I love artists who work with Wildlife. And one of my favourite "urban sketchers" is Gary Yeung; see more of his work at IG sketchergaryyeung He has a whole range of bird pictures...but here we follow him sketching a kite!

From Gary:

"I like watching Black Kites circling above and between skyscrapers and I decided to depict that in this ink drawing. First of all, I would like to thank Robert from @wildcreatureshongkong for providing me with photo references of this beautiful bird which give me a better understanding of the Black Kite’s feather patterns. For the background, I used a live sketch I did in Central as reference".

Lets follow his progress:

First I blocked in the basic shapes of everything with a pencil.

Then I started inking from the head of the Black Kite and slowly worked around the body of the bird. For the final process of adding the background, I used only light lines to draw the buildings to push them away from the Black Kite in the foreground which is inked with patches of solid black and thicker lines.

And here is the final result, ‘Black Kite in Hong Kong’ Ink on Paper. And this fine piece of original, unique artwork is for sale...HK$4,800 mounted. Contact Gary.

Full disclosure: I occasionally help promote individuals whose work I like, but I receive no commission or other fee except an occasional hearty handshake, or if I am lucky, a peck on the cheek! ahhhhhhh


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