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One of the best things about visiting Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens are the wonderful ponds, that are so well maintained. Unlike the shambles and barren ponds of the Lions Nature Education park in Sai Kung (don't get me started.....)...


Here are some pictures of the Crimson tailed marsh hawk mating, and flying that I took last week.

To catch their prey, dragonflies create a basket with their legs. They then swoop in capturing their prey with their legs and biting it to hold it in place. They sometimes eat what they have caught while they are still flying.

In order to see predators and their food dragonflies have large compound eyes. These eyes are made up of thousands of smaller eyes and allow the dragonfly to see in all directions.

  • Dragonflies don't sting and their bite is like that of a large grasshopper

  • They have been around for 300 million years. Prehistoric dragonflies were much larger and could have a wingspan of 2 ½ feet. more fun facts tomorrow....


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