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Well, first the good news....."The number of dragonfly species recorded (in Hong Kong) increased slightly"...according to data from the AFCD.

This data is from the recently released report, (of Hong Kong's performance against the Convention on Biological Diversity)

Link here to the PDF:


If you have 5 minutes please watch this short video that summarises this detailed report: the report itself can be found at the link above.

OK, so the good news...overall, species diversity is ok overall in Hong Kong. Although this report does not go into actual species numbers...which is a whole other issue (and also much harder to record), but equally important.

Data Source: AFCD as reported in the

BUT NOW THE BAD NEWS........ for dragonflies... From the report: "Species associated with forest habitats are relatively well protected

within the Country Park and protected areas network, but not for pond-associated species, which depend on habitats that fall outside the protected area network". Like for example the Dragonfly Pond, in LNEC Saikung, which although it was in a Nature Education Centre, it was left to dry out over 2 years, effectively wiping out the resident population of numerous and diverse species.


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