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These are strange creatures indeed.

If you want to get close to one, use a power tool, like a drill or lawn mower (really? who has one of those in HK?), and they may land on you.

Did you know Cicadas have five eyes: Cicadas have two, obvious, large, compound eyes, and three ocelli which are in the picture below. Ocelli are three jewel-like eyes situated between the two main, compound eyes of a cicada. We believe ocelli are used to detect light and darkness. Ocelli means little eyes in Latin.

Some people eat them...well, this is mainly in the USA...... and of course all wild animals and domestic pets will eat them. Dogs will gorge themselves until they choke. Squirrels will eat them like corn on the cob. Fish go crazy for them too.

Cicadas are part of the Homoptera family, as these insects have two pairs of wings in the same structure, often transparent and membranous which when resting fold flat over the back. Cicadas are true bugs and don’t eat solid foods — instead they use their slender, straw-like mouth parts to drink tree fluids.

These unique creatures only live for a couple of months maximum, and spend that time looking for a mate and avoiding the predators mentioned above.


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