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Can you help count butterflies? Something that you and your kids can do.

Here is a great initiative from Emily and her colleagues....... Hi everyone! My colleagues and I at HKU are studying the migration of danaid ("da-NAY-ids") butterfly species through Hong Kong. To track their movement, we are running a public mark-recapture study – and we need your help reporting tagged butterflies! We are tagging Euploea, Tirumala, Danaus, and Ideopsis species with small paper stickers (pictured).*

Each sticker has a unique code and a URL at which you can report your sighting. To learn more, or to invite us to tag butterflies clustering in your village, visit and follow @danaidhk on Facebook or Instagram.

This web page also has a list of Dos and DONTS.

FYI *We are permitted by AFCD to handle insects for research. The stickers do not harm the butterflies or affect their flight.

Many thanks! Emily & the rest of Danaid Butterfly Research Hong Kong

Here is the sticker example below.


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