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Can a toad kill you?

Can a toad kill you? ahhhhh, this wonderful theme of killer creatures......and the answer is below.....meanwhile....

here are a couple of Common Asian Toads "doing the nasty" and on a side note....why on earth is it called that?

It is of course slang for sexual intercourse.....and also, it now appears, a dance.....involving a

Pelvical Thrust. So here we go....."Doing the Nasty" Jump Back (Hand to your sides and Legs outward) Hands out like a bird, Wrap them around your body while bringing your legs abruptly together. And PRESTO! You are doing the nasty! Or so i am reliably informed. See, i'm sneaking in some general knowledge now, something you can talk about at those high end social gatherings.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.....can a Toad kill you?

well they are poisonous (not venomous, ie it does not bite/inject you with its poison)....and yes, if you lick one, you will probably get sick. so dogs, cats and others give them a wide berth. Tho some snakes have adapted and will eat them with the Red Neck Keelback.

I am writing about this as I received news that YES, A TOAD CAN KILL YOU. FROM TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A man living in eastern Taiwan's Hualien County died from poisoning after eating central Formosan toads that he and his friends mistook for frogs.

Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center notified local health authorities earlier this month when they suspected the man had died from poisoning. On Tuesday (Dec. 17), the Hualien Bureau of Health confirmed that the group of six living in Fengbin Township had eaten the poisonous toads.

Bureau Director-General Chu Chia-hsiang (朱家祥) said health experts had found a chemical in the leftovers of the meal. The chemical, bufotenin, is commonly produced by central Formosan toads (Bufo bankorensis).

Chu indicated that the deceased was among a group of six who had been given several of the amphibians, which they had mistook for frogs. The men cooked and ate them without skinning them and removing the offal, where the toxic bufotenin accumulates.

The men began vomiting and experienced limb paralysis before being rushed to the hospital. One of them died before reaching the hospital, but his friends survived and have safely returned home.

SO now you know...if you want to eat toads, skin them and remove the offal! Then you should be ok.

You can eat me...i'm a frog.....but please don't ... i'm waaaaaay too cute, eh? ahhhhhhhhhh


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