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Camera gear for sale

I'm selling some of my older camera very reasonable prices. PM me if you are interested....

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens. (e-bay 3-7,000) HK$1,200

Canon Macro ring flash. Idea for macro - with ring to convert to newer 100mm lens above. eBay 1,500-3,000 HK$800

Canon Canon EF 200-400mm f4 L IS USM Extender 1.4x with case and camouflage protective covering. New cHK$92,000 HK$58,000

Canon EF 2X extender. (ebay c.1,500-2,000) HK$800

Bounce reflectors 1 small 1 large (see pics). Bendy tripod, clamp, straps dust remover, lights. HK$30-80 each.

also some torches...this one takes 4AA (recharchable) batteries

and these are great with bigger rechargeable batteries - also with chargers. great for kids and adults alike.... HK$50 each and same for battery with charger. job lot for a school/kindergarten: HK$150


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