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Big news....Wildcreatures of Hong Kong book is being translated....

Big news....Wildcreatures of Hong Kong book is being translated....and put into many schools next year. Would you like to sponsor more books to more schools? or perhaps an educational talk? We all know that it is vital that nature & wildlife education has to start with our kids, and this is a great new programme. Those of you that attended my talks in Hong Kong may already know...but this is huge news, and I am so happy to announce this: WILDCREATURES OF HONG KONG book has a great sponsor for translation in to Traditional Chinese by a couple of experts. This sponsorship also includes design, and printing, and perhaps best of all, 600 schools across Hong Kong will also receive the book free of charge; Plus

this programme will include 12 talks to selected schools, and we are hoping that more sign up when we publish the book early next year.

This has all been organised by Benita of Encompass, who is also our distributor for the English book in Hong Kong. I am waiting for the final confirmation of another key sponsor for an additional 300 schools.....which leaves only 300 schools to find a sponsor for. Costs are simply the production costs of the book, along with distribution charges and a small admin fee. If you are interested - either as an individual, or as a corporate sponsor - please get in touch

This is an introductory guide to the incredible biodiversity of Hong Kong and the many wonderful wildcreatures that we are fortunate to share this territory with.

356 pages, 602 photographs, and 375 species, this is the essential guide for anyone who wants to know more about the many wild animals that live in Hong Kong.

Many thanks and gratitude to our lead sponsor:


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