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Badgers in England

I was lucky enough to spend an evening on some land which encompasses a badger sett. This meant I got to sit in dark clothing on a stool for 4 hours as the sun disappeared at 8.30pm and watched these lovely creatures come out of their sett and begin to forage.

A female badger is called a sow, and baby badgers are called cubs. A male badger is known as a boa

Badgers live in their own homes, known as setts, which are burrows underground and consist of a series of chambers and tunnels and have several different entrances.

the following shots where in ambient light, with an ancient non IS 70-200 lens. ISO around 10-12,000.

The cubs - almost full grown - were very shy and this was the only photo i managed to get of them:

Badgers in a set are collectively known as a clan or a cete.


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