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Another chance to see Ecology in the making (1816-present)

"Hong Kong owes much of its understanding of its flora and fauna to amateur naturalists" In April the SCMP ran this story when this exhibition first opened in the HK Science Museum. Now the whole fascinating exhibition is open again at the HKU Main Library - and yes, you can get in to see it, with the family. Full disclosure, whilst clearly not one of the main protagonists, I am one of the 21 people whose work is profiled in the expo.

This is organised by Lung Fu Shan, and you can see the update on their facebook page: Part III of the exhibition is now available at HKU Main Library!

5 chapters, 15 stories of amateur naturalists, and over 100 exhibits... Even if you have visited our exhibitions previously at our centre or the Hong Kong Science Museum, Part III of the exhibition at HKU has new exhibits for you to explore. Such as a collection of centuries-old rare books from the HKU Libraries, as well as animal specimens from the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum, alongside other exhibits on loan from St. Louis School, and more.

The general public can also visit the area (not only library cardholders), you just need to register at their counter.

You may visit with your friends:

Date: 8.10.2021 (Fri) - 10.11.2021 (Wed)

Venue: HKU Main Library 2F Exhibition Space*

Time: Opening hours of HKU Main Library

Free admission

*Public please register at the counter


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