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A common water bird.

If you walk near ponds - as I often do - you will often see a small bird, which dives down to keep its distance and also to find its food. This is what is known as a common resident...It is of course, a Little Grebe.

I have been trying to get a close up shot of their lovely eyes for some I went up early morning, and hid under a gillie net, and waited...

pretending I was a sniper in a hollywood movie helped past the time as the sun rose..and a little male passed nearby.

Sometimes mistaken for a duckling, as they are very small. Strictly aquatic, they love the fish ponds, and will make lengthy dives underwater for their food. Here one has a shrimp.

Below are my more typical shots of this bird, so I do think the extra effort, patience and netting paid off. What do you think?


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