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Guest blogs

If you have any images or stories or research or even a great picture or two, then please let me know, as I would love to feature more work from others....meanwhile, our last in a series from Paul.

I generally hand hold my camera as additional equipment, tripods and lenses add weight I just don't want to carry over an 8-10K walk. That's why I choose to use a fixed 500mm lens that gives me less fuss and is light enough not to give me backache on the trip. If you don't have a 500mm lens, then I recommend any lens over 200mm-300mm to start with.

Sometimes it's a good idea to find one spot and hang around for a while as other visitors may arrive, as was the case with the booms on this Flame Tree.

<Japanese White-Eye>

<Fork-tailed Sunbird>

<Blue-Winged Sunbird>

Wishing all the readers of Wildcreatures a very Happy New Year 2020 and happy bird spotting.

Paul Dickson is the General Manager, Beas River Country Club, The Hong Kong Jockey Club. And he has done a great job in working to increase the wildlife diversity around the club property and setting up education programmes for the members and public who visit. Please give me/him/us some feedback so I can invite him back.

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