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...and i hope that hangover is not too wicked. Time for all those lovely new resolutions to kick in....yay.

So, for this auspicious day, I have chosen a creature that took me pleasantly by surprise the other day....the verditer flycatcher (Eumyias thalassinus).

I was out hunting minvets and sunbirds, and this stunning bird flew down a good distance away. I managed to grab these two pictures in a rush, before off it flew.

This is known as an Old World flycatcher. For the new world Tyrant Flycatcher family Tyrannidae, see Tyrant flycatcher, and they will tell you what you must do.

ANYWAYYYYYYY, I hope that 2020 is as full of pleasant surprises for you like this lovely bird was for me.

FYI. This species is named after its distinctive shade of copper-sulphate blue and has a dark patch between the eyes and above the bill base. The verditer flycatcher is also interesting among the flycatchers in that they forage above the canopy level and can often be found perching on electric wires or exposed tree top branches....tho this one was just above head height.

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