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Do you like birds?

well if you do, read there is a new interactive site to, er, listen to them.

so here is the news.....Hong Kong Bird Watching Society and Hong Kong Baptist University Jointly Launch “Hong Kong Wildtracks” Website. This was done a while back ,but I have only just heard of this through the HKBWS, and the exhibition has already closed, so we cannot go to that.

It has the very catchy URL of:

And this gives the game away a bit, that it was designed by (and for?) academics. Why don't they live in the real world and give someone who knows something about customers and interfaces a chance to consult on this? Oh, stop being such a grumpy pedant mr WildCreatures...and look at the positive....

"Now the general public can identify and recognise the bird types through the website"...

(but not on their mobile devices...ssssshhhhh, stop it).

But one thing it does have are the bird calls for many of the birds....which is really interesting. So do check it out, and let me know what you think of it....and how often you would use it.

more from the members announcement:

"It includes over 60,000 entries of local ecological data, including the sounds of wildlife and soundscapes, the bird distribution, the species diversity and abundance, providing a better understanding of the wildlife of Hong Kong to the education sector and the general public".

"Hong Kong Wildtracks" is developed to promote Hong Kong's biodiversity and support nature conservation.

Through the interactive website, the general public can understand and appreciate the wonderful nature, and meanwhile the academics and university students can make use of the database in the website for conducting scientific research.

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