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Just keep swimming...snakes in the water of Hong Kong

Diamond-backed Water Snake 環紋游蛇. Sinonatrix aequifasciata

Only Discovered in Hong Kong in 1978...this chappy eats fish, and although nocturnal can sometimes be seen at dusk. Here at night, the camera flash makes great patterns in the water, making it look like a sunny day. Sometimes you get lucky with a photo, and here you can see he has his tongue out. This was taken with a 50mm lens, so I got quite close. I do find the 50mm an excellent choice for all round photography for walking and hiking. Not too heavy and really does the job when you don't know what to expect. Photographing snakes is never easy, as they are very shy, and long and thin, so normally its difficult to compose a photo unless you get very close. I like this shot, as it shows a snake in its native habitat.

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