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Well, it appears that we have a little tech hiccup....and that the link to "read more" in this daily e-mail does not work for some readers (and thank you to those who wrote to me, to let me know). Hmmmmm, I have alerted WIX (the platform I use) to this problem, but this may take some time to get an answer.

Meanwhile, please bear with me, and here are some things you can try:

- Try clearing your browser history

- You can unsubscribe and resubscribe again, and see if that works

- If you want to read the whole story bookmark the page and the email post is the lead story there every day.

- There is a facebook page at wildcreatureshongkong with the same story...but I do like the email format better!

I appreciate that this is far from satisfactory, and can only apologise to you, my most loyal readers. Hopefully it is only a few of you who are affected and we can clear this up soon.

Meanwhile, in other news, I regret to inform you that I have been hospitalised for the last 3 weeks (in Tseung Kwan O) and - without delving too deep into the gory details - scar tissue impacted some nerves which means I have to learn to walk again. I am on the mend but this could take quite a long time, so you may see some reposts from last year, or shorter blogs, and no new seasonal photos. Hopefully full service will be resumed soon on both accounts. Thanks for reading.

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