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A Boiga

The MANY SPOTTED CAT SNAKE . Boiga multomaculata

INFORMATION TAKEN FROM OUR SISTER SITE: Usually tan body with dark brown spots, sometimes lighter grey still with dark brown spots. Head usually displays two broad strips running front to back. Large gold eyes with vertical pupils. Many spotted cat snakes are largely arboreal and have long thin necks with exceptionally long thin tails. Head can flatten slightly when defensive appearing similar to vipers. Black and white spotted belly and a peaked keel shaped back. As a technically rear fanged snake they are mildly venomous but there are no known cases of serious envenomation.

The Many Spotted Cat Snake is a largely arboreal snake and as such is prone to seek out high ground when confronted. They also commonly display initial aggressive behaviour by positioning their front half into a defensive 'S' position. They will strike with largely false bites and occasionally real hits, but their diminutive size renders any genuine bite relatively harmless. Many Spotted Cat Snakes are also prone to calming down shortly after displaying their initially aggressive behaviour. (Click here for video:


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