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Breakfast in America

Many apologies for the lack of a blog the last couple of days, but I was in transit to the good old US of A, and not time and no internet, as i'm up in the mountains.

Back to civilisation this morning in my friends house, with this wonderful view.

yikes, its minus 6 this morning, but last night we had a visitor....captured on the camera outside....

This lovely little Brown Bear, getting frustrated with the bear proof trash can (HK govt take note, this is the way to deter feral animals from getting into the garbage).

and a few days before there was this huge moose, and she had a calf with her (also from the outside camera)

Please forgive the quality of the images, but it also shows how wildlife can live without too much conflict in wild/urban areas, where there is consideration and appreciation for the natural environment. Can you imagine what would happen if a bear came sniffing around the houses in Sai Kung?

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