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GET CLOSER – 3-day Nature Photography Residential Workshop with Robert Ferguson

I am very pleased to announce a collaboration with Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Gardens, to run a photographic course in their unique and wonderful venue. More details below, and let me know if you have any questions.

Discover the art of nature and wildlife photography in the natural surroundings of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens. The course is about facilitating you to create better images by moving off and beyond the ‘auto’ settings of you and your camera, while getting closer to the connectedness of seeing and being with the environment. We will explore the theory of making (not taking) a picture, an in-depth review of the technical aspects of the equipment, and most importantly, a check-list to help with the crucial control when working on and creating your most stunning nature images possible.

Short studio lectures are interspersed with nature explorations and practical shooting sessions with the flora and fauna in KFBG. Enjoy personal time in nature, as well as group and individual review sessions with Robert to gain new insight, confidence and expertise to capture surprising images stem from your original ideas.

The 3-day residential workshop is suitable for all levels of photographer, as a key part of the programme will be on establishing a new way of preparing and consciously controlling your image making, which is just as important as the technical expertise. Participants can use any device - mobile phone, compact or DSLR camera - but those that will benefit most will have DSLRs or advanced compact cameras, with an ability to change lenses, make manual adjustments to settings like aperture and shutter speed, and use flash.

Date & Time 11 – 13 May, 2019 (Saturday to Monday)

Application and Details

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