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... to my solo exhibition in Sai Kung, later this month, opening on the 23rd March running to the 27th of March. Its at the RAH Gallery. 1/F 11 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung Town, NT. As a valued "subscriber", please do come and say hello!

Come and see some of my favourite pictures as 40" prints, on beautiful museum grade paper. With over 90 pictures on display - in many different sizes and formats - showing Hong Kong's amazing biodiversity, I hope you can find your favourite species and picture. Prints in all formats are on sale, starting at less than HK$400.

If you would like to organise a group, please contact me for a curated viewing one of the days/evenings.

The story behind the print:

This is me, all bundled up, at Kadoorie Farm in late January earlier this year. I am handholding one of my favourite lenses (200-400mm zoom), but normally I work with a tripod. You can see the flowering blossoms on the trees in front of me, which attract the Japanese White Eyes in small flocks. If you wait patiently they return and visit these blossoms many times during the day, and I sit with my fingers crossed, hoping it will be on tree near me. No need for a hide, as the birds are habituated to people around them in this park/garden.

Below are the images that I had hoped to capture, albeit I did this on another occasion with an 800mm lens, which blows the background out even more. This first image: Given the fast moving nature of the birds, I had chosen a high shutter speed of 1/1000s and at f/7.1 my depth of field is only a few cm, giving the effect/bokeh I want, but this mean a high ISO of 2500. I do teach not to be scared of high ISO (there are 7 steps to manage it effectively), and as my sharp and un noisy 40" print shows, it can work well.

Here is the print shown below, pre signature and framing, and I hope you can come and see this and other prints at the exhbition.....

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