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Up in the trees..sometimes...

The many Spotted Cat Snake - Boiga multomaculata, an arboreal snake, which I have found mainly on the ground...probably because its so well hidden at night up in branches.

This one found half way up the Peak on HK island.

Due to their largely arboreal nature Many Spotted Cat Snakes are generally found in forested areas, often close to some water source. They have also been observed hanging from branches over water possibly hunting for fish or amphibians. During the day they hide in hollow logs or under ledges closer to the ground.

I would like to point out the advantages of using a little fill flash for this image. As it was, it was already quite dark and overcast, making depth of field and shutter speed an issue, whereas with a bit of flash, pushing the ISO a bit higher, it makes the image pop as the snake ties itself in knots in a defensive posture.

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