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Waterhens...also in Sha Kok Mei, Sai Kung.

ooook, before we get into any animals, i must apologise for how the main image is appearing in recent emails. Quite a few of you got in touch, and it has also happened to me, and I can only apologise. This appears to be a problem with the general WIX email interface, as i have not changed any not much i can do for now. Sorry. mea (wix) culpa, and i will make sure the droids all wear hair shirts til its fixed. Nonetheless, you can scroll down - as you should - and click the large "READ MORE" button and you will be whisked to a wonderful and pleasing layout on the web page, full of more wonderful images and droll commentary (well, the wife likes them and laughs).

OK, back to Sha Kok Mei....

This is the White-breasted waterhen, Amaurornis phoenicurus.

Its a filthy little water catchment, full of rubbish, next to a tip, and often cloudy with run off from industrial cleaning and building materials. Nonetheless, there is a good assortment of fish, crabs, and also many birds, including the occasional king fisher, and this lovely waterhen.

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