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Using the lovely Sagra beetle as a subject, I am trying some highly magnified macro to see if i can get some mug shots, as i love their shiny, iridescent, globular antennae.

I think this is a male above, with the slightly smaller female below.

In macro and with shiny beetles, you really have to use flash to keep the shutter speed and DOF reasonable, but then you get highlights and glare. Very tricky, so I am working on a new rig to help cut this down, so watch this space. Meanwhile, i am reasonably happy with these shots, using my ring flash.

This wonderful beetle can be found across Southeast Asia, and can grow up to 5 cm long. It doesn't use its hind legs for jumping, instead they're used to cling onto stems and foliage while it eats, and its grip is aided by scores of tiny hair follicles that cover the surface pads of its "feet"

Yes, that is my finger holding her....amateur, eh?

See below for more shots from my series. click them to enlarge and/or go to my flickr page.

Unfortunately, because of their wonderful colours they are highly popular among insect collectors, and you can find them enclosed in glass, mounted, or in plastic cases as key chains.

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