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Dear reader...

Dear WildCreatures reader,

Thank you for reading, and for your positive feedback to date. I have some updates, a recap and some news for you, and firstly an apology, as I think the draft of this first sentence has already been sent as a blog to your e-mail, which will make for pretty boring reading. Sorry.

Given current time constraints, and my desire to focus more on my photography, I am changing the updates slightly. I would like to keep the current daily "flow", but this will be an image only, for 6 days of the week, with a longer form text (dare I say article), once a week, probably, on the Friday, which will also have images. Please do let me have any feedback, and I am also looking for other people/tours/groups/naturalists and their work to feature, as well as please do get in touch ( Other news: After much demand, Adam and I are going to launch a Hong Kong snake ID website within the next 2 weeks. So keep tuned!

To recap: At the momentWildCreatures remains focused on Hong Kong. - We are on facebook, with a daily update: - We have a daily blog online at where you can sign up for our daily e-newsletter that gets sent to your inbox every day.

- We are in Chinese (traditional): 香港野 On Facebook: Or online, where you can (surprisingly), sign up for daily e-newsletter: Lastly, no blog post would be complete without its image, so here we have one of the true bugs of Hong Kong, Dindymus rubiginosus, or "red bug", who appears to be mating and feeding simultaneously, and I do wonder which she began first, and then opportunistically began the second.

Here a close up

and a view from above

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