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Jewel Bug or Click Beetle

Jewel bugs are also known as metallic shield bugs, or as click-beetles.

They have relatively hard bodies, with the first two sections of their segmented body being flexible, and they can move these parts (head and front legs) without bringing any change to the rest of the body. They snap or click by joining the spine with the corresponding notch on the abdominal segment and make a clicking sound when the spine is released, and, when the beetle is on its back, the beetle is tossed in the air

- Jewel bugs are from the ‘Scutelleridae’ family, which are true bugs that have mouths that suck, rather than beetles that have mouths that chomp.

- Jewel bugs are related to stink bugs, as they can produce a smell when they are irritated.

- Jewel bugs moult, which is when they shed their exoskeleton to grow bigger.

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