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The wonderful Birdwing butterflies of Hong Kong

There are two species of Birdwings in Hong Kong, and these are the only two butterfly species protected by law; they are the Common Birdwing and Golden Birdwing, which are visually very similar.

They are the largest butterflies in Hong Kong (hence the name), and both have large wingspans, of 12-16cm. Probably the best place to see them (and a place where both species are present) is at Kadoorie Farm. They also have a spectacular caterpillar which i have also found and photographed at Kadoorie Farm.

I went to the butterfly garden at Kadoorie Farm on May 3rd 2018, to give a quick instruction on capturing insects in flight (which was hard, as it was overcast) and took the following photos of the Birdwing in flight.

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