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The noisy spawning of the Brown Tree Frog

Another very noisy animal we have the moment alongside the Asian Koel (see post on this bird here: )is the the brown tree frog (Polypedates megacephlalus). Actually this is not a true tree frog, but part of the bush frog family, so it should really be known by its other names: The “Hong Kong whipping frog” or the “Spot legged tree frog”.

Seen here in a pond on the Peak.

The female spawns in spring and (multiple) males clamber on her back in sometimes large numbers….see my earlier post on this here This is the only frog in Hong Kong that lives on trees and bushes. A common frog - best seen in the ponds at Kadoorie Farm, just follow the noise! - it is a hardy and adaptable species and has been found on many of Hong Kong’s smaller islands where there is barely enough water for breeding. Many frogs appear quite urbanised, and will use standing water in built up areas to establish spawning colonies once a year. Here the smaller male has the female all to himself.

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