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2022 Voices for the PlanetA Biodiversity Education Program through the Arts

As we all know, children's nature and environment education is vital for the future of the planet, and I was very pleased to support with some video training the Lumivoce 2022 Voices for the Planet - A Biodiversity Education Program through the Arts. If your kid or school is not already signed up, then I would encourage you to get involved for next year. See

It was lovely to receive the recent message from the organisers as well....

Shaun is 5 year old from HK Munsung College Kindergarten, and he created a poster about a lantern bug inspired by you! Tiffany, his mom told us about it and I thought you'd enjoy this fun artwork from him! Thanks for your support of our program and children!

To see more great artwork and ideas please see the link below and get inspired for 2023.


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