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Vaccination anyone?

I had written about this before, but with the arrival of the vaccines in HK, this seems more relevant than ever...as we have yet to address many of the real reasons behind our need to protect ourselves. Covid-19 is often laid at the door of animals...well, we should think that it is due to one in particular; no, not bats, or snakes or pangolins. There can be no doubt it is anthropogenic; that is, it is caused by human activity. And instead of focusing on vaccines and how to "beat it", we should be looking at making some changes right now. First off the bat (f you forgive the expression)...shut down the wildlife trade markets. read this from Gary Ades of Kadoorie Farm . Animal Stories: No Half Measures – Close Down Wildlife Markets and Illegal Trade

Then, we need a long hard look on how we farm and eat and treat animals in general.

now, about the image....this is perhaps explained best by By Dr. Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus, Resurgence & Ecologist.

"Human desire to conquer nature comes from the belief that humans are separate from nature and have superior powers. This dualistic thinking is at the root of our inability to deal with many of the natural upheavals, such as forest fires, floods and, in particular, climate change, global heating and pandemics like Covid-19.  We seem to believe that one way or the other we will find technological solutions to subjugate nature and make her subservient of human dominance.

Rather than looking at the root causes of Coronavirus, the government’s, industrialists and scientists are looking for vaccines to suppress the symptoms. Vaccines may be a temporary solution, but we need to think and act more intelligently and more wisely. Rather than treating the symptoms we need to address the causes of this crisis".

You can read his whole excellent piece here:

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