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The Paddy Frog

We came across this small (the size of my thumb) animal in a hidden valley in Clear Water Bay (for more information about this lovely garden, see below)

This is Hong Kong's Paddy Frog. Easily recognisable by the broad green, or yellow stripe down its back. Except of course when it does not have one! Why is nature so complicated sometimes....?

Have you ever seen a frog eat something? When it does it does this to push its eyeballs down on top of its mouth to help push the food down its throat. Don't try this at home. These frogs are very common and often live near sea level, like the one we found.

We saw this lovely animal - among others - after finishing yoga in an outdoor sala, before eating flowers, and a local salad from the garden. This experience can be found at:

"Permaclub is an educative and inclusive space, situated in a hidden valley over Clearwater Bay that is empowering the community to re-connect and re-harmonize human living spaces with nature. Using eco design principles to improve and promote clean air, clean food and a healthy sustainable lifestyle in Hong Kong, we are a demonstration of ecological and cultural wealth, where creative solutions are designed to resolve some of the world’s most complex issues".

I am not affiliated in any way with Permaclub. I just liked the venue and the experience in nature.


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