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The lobster, but not as you know it.

The lobster, but not as you know it. What’s really annoying (besides the incessant rain here in the uk?) It’s when you find the creepiest, weirdest looking bug or creature, and you ask a specialist and they say, oh yeah, that’s the XXXXX, they are quite common. Or they just fling the latin name at me, as tho I know what to do with it.

Well not to me, they are not common! This is the first, and maybe only, time in my life when I will ever see such a fantastical creature….and so it is with the the lobster moth Caterpillar. (Stauropus fagi). I have found one in England, a few years back and it freaked me out then, and at the very beginning of June I found another three altogether while walking in Po Lo Che.

It is also known as the lobster prominent, and the name refers to the crustacean-like appearance of the caterpillar.

This is a strange creature, and well worth two days of blog for subscribers, so check back tomorrow for some more info and pics.


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