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The decline of birds as an augur.

SOMETHING ON SUNDAY TO MAKE YOU THINK: An excerpt from a recent article: NB not a HK bird, but a very interesting piece. "- My time here with the godwits is helping me realize that what we see in these magnificent creatures is not only a bird, but the incredible result of the millions of years of sculpting and tweaking by evolutionary pressures. That makes their decline even more poignant, and ominous. “I see them more and more as the Romans did, as augurs, with everything that is happening,” says Piersma. “Civilization is built on the constancy of climate. Listen to the birds for God’s sake and they will tell us what is going on.” -"

Here a black-tailed Godwit that I shot in the UK.

The above quote was taken from a brilliant (and long) article "This Wonder Bird Flies Thousands of Miles, Non-Stop, as Part of an Epic Migration". Simply follow this link here:


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