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Here are some stamp issues that celebrate our local HK wildlife....I would be pleased to know of any more....

Firstly some mammals - with a five-banded civet....viverra zibetha. hmmmmmm not sure if they got that one right, as it should be The masked palm civet (Paguma larvata). Who does the research for these things anyway? oh, its WWF.....OK for southesast Asia, not sure about HK. ....anywayssssssss

ok, onto birds.

oh, this was done in conjunction with sweden and illustrated there.....except for the avocets i have not seen any of the others in hk, so maybe not the best representations..but very colourful...

onwards to the fast disappearing dolphin.....icon, emblem, and soon to be extinct.....

and lastly

oh yes, lots of stamps on pets...and i like this one best...the innocent and cute and harmless little hamster....but wait, not so harmless as we had stern govt warnings to hand them over - when they were culled as key super-spreaders (allegedly) of covid 19; remember the memes? Carrie Lam ate my hamster?

enough stamps for now eh?


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