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pssst, wanna buy a predator....?

How many of you saw tiger king on Netflix? where it was clear there was quite a bit of large cat trading/buying/selling. Well, you can also buy help your garden...and do you know what is touted as "The Best General Purpose Predator for Gardens & Greenhouses"?

The lacewing! and in particular its larvae.

It seems innocuous enough, a little ball of bits and fluff.....

BUT OMG.....look at this beast...and thank goodness it is not 5 foot long

Green lacewings are excellent additions to a green, non-insecticide, and integrated pest management (IPM) program. Adults feed on nectar, pollen, and honeydew, while the larvae are active predators of soft-bodied insect pests: aphids, thrips, whitefly, leafhoppers, spider mites (especially red mites) and mealybugs. Yeah, i can hear the gardeners say, go get 'em! Revenge is sweeeeet.

Once hatched, green lacewing larvae roam plant foliage looking for prey – pest eggs, nymphs or adults. They feed for 2-3 weeks, spin a cocoon, and emerge as adults 10-14 days later.

Search Lacewing Larvae online now, and get yours today (options include eggs, larvae, or adults, depending on your needs).


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