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PHOTO MASTERCLASS INVITATION I am pleased to confirm the GREENPEACE photo event on the 17th May. 7.30-10.30pm.   This will be a 3 hour practical and highly interactive photography masterclass learning the 7 steps to great photos, with a special review of nighttime photography with/without flash. This event will be co-led and sponsored (ie their offices in Kowloon) by Greenpeace. 

It may sound complicated, but we will be breaking down how to get better/great photos in 7 simple steps, with practical application and attendee participation every step of the way. It is useful to have a camera that you can change the settings on…..DSLR/mirrorless/bridge/compact or a point and shoot, as a good part of the course will cover camera settings for focusing, metering, and manual set up (and flash) as well as how best to use the exposure triangle of shutter/ISO/Aperture during the day and night (and why I use the same settings 99% of the time).

However, a large part of the course will be on improving composition, lighting and actually finding the animals, so you are also welcome with simple mobile/camera phones (the most modern of which - iPhone/samsung - also have multiple manual and override settings which we can discover together).

If you are interested and want to sign up please let me know asap as spaces are limited, and are on a first come/first served basis. There is a special deal for my readers, and please note that 100% of all funds raised go to Greenpeace, so they can continue their great work. 

  • There is an option to set up a HK$200 monthly donation (or one-off $1,250; with this option you get 2 animal pins; plus a free book; plus access to episode 7 of my upcoming on-line course).

  • Or a one off payment of HK$600 (There is also a discount on my books of 50% on the evening of the course).

At the moment the sign up link is only in Chinese, so if you would like to sign up please let me know asap at; and I will follow up for payment/further details. 


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