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One to follow

I don't "do" a lot of twitter, but one person's daily feed I do look at is

he is a Conservationist & Restoration Ecologist Head of Flora Conservation Dept. at #KadoorieFarm and Botanic Garden, HK SAR, China. and a fascinating bloke to talk to, and learn about the work done at the farm. I do hope they open up their talks and guided tours more in the future.

Meanwhile, do check out his daily feed...this one was from a few days many plants that they have rescued from local extinction, and the plant biodiversity in the farm just gets better and better, which means, more diversity of animals particularly bugs.

from the tweet:

#Begonia hongkongensis is very rare with less than 50 plants remaining in the wild. Large scale deforestation brought it to the brink of extinction, because it needs humid forest undergrowth conditions. Plants have been successfully established in our #ForestRestoration plots


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