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A super fun guest blog from law tutor, Sasha Haldane, and her fascination with jumping spiders. All Pics and ID from Sasha.

They call me Chrysilla!

Here a juvenile Epens

We met at my exhibition back in early 2019, and in 2020 she began to walk and take pictures of a range of “bugs” (used in the loosest term, as spiders are not true bugs). And what I find fascinating - beyond her ability to find these tiny critters - is her amazing photos, all taken with the Olympus TG 6, without post processing!

In her own words:

“I’ve always been really interested in wildlife. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist, instead I ended up doing law which I now teach part-time. This April I was on a walk with my kids and I saw a little gleaming, golden jumping spider on the railings. I took out my iphone to get a photo, and magnified on the screen I could see it doing a head tilt, as if it was wondering what the heck I was doing. Immediately a new obsession was born. I fell in love with jumping spiders – and graduated from my iphone to an Olympus TG 6. My photos are on instagram under ‘haldanesasha’ (and I often post on FB on the ‘Bugcity2’ page as well)”.

For bigger pics, simply click the image.

We went on a walk together, and I will post my own pics soon, but she was also a fascinating conversationist, like when she told me: “That Cytaea is male and you can tell because the palps are bulbous - they store reproductive ‘items’ in apart from the hairier forelegs of spiders that are not particularly dimorphic like the Silers and Cytaea if the palps are bigger that is also a clue”…. Do check out her instagram account, as she is always adding new pics.

Here a female Siler, followed by a male Siler.

Not a true jumper, a Toxeus, or ant mimic; love these guys.


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